We all know that mastitis cannot be eradicated completely from dairy herds; environmental mastitis will always be present. We can however, prevent the spread of contagious mastitis.

It is a well known fact that the milking parlour is responsible for much of the spread of this infection. Staph Aureus bacteria is carried on the liner for between 6-8 cow/cluster changes. The unique Vaccar Clusterflushing System can eliminate cow to cow cross infection of contagious bacteria, simply, economically and effectively.

Recent veterinary trials have concluded that Clusterflush cuts down cross contamination by up to 99.9%.

Improving cluster hygiene will significantly reduce cross contamination between cows and help bring down the all important cell counts. Cluster dipping can waste inordinate amounts of time and money. Which can be at best a hit or miss affair.

An effective cluster cleaning routine requires the efficient removal of milk from the cluster and the thorough cleansing of the unit between cows. Automatic clusterflushing allows more effective cleaning after every cow without creating more work for the operator.

Two control boxes are installed at each point; one incorporates the compressed air and water solenoid valves while the other houses the PCB which manages the system.


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