Should In Parlour feeding be a priority then iFeed is the perfect solution. Offering the same high level of accuracy, low maintenance and user friendliness as the MMi, iFeed can also deliver more information at the milking point and has the added bonus of automatic or manual identification and feeding.

iFeed also has the capability to bolt on various additional equipment options at an affordable cost; Sort Gate, Autostart, Identification and Heat Detection are all easily added to the iFeed base system.

  • Automatic Cluster Removal
  • Straight through milk sensor
  • Large LCD display
  • Split Screen display when used in Swingover parlours
  • Individual feeding of each cow
  • Feed control at each milking point
  • Feed calibration from the milking point
  • Displays individual milk yield
  • Displays individual milk time
  • Displays total milk yield and total time per point
  • Displays milk temperature with alarm
  • Displays wash temperature
  • Pre Clean control at each point
  • Records conductivity (SCC) with Alarm
  • Manual or Automatic Identification (Optional)
  • Manual control on demand
  • Suitable for 12 or 24 volt AC or DC
  • Controls Pulsation
  • Optional Autostart
  • Fully adjustable pulsation ratio
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Can be linked to PC and MPC program

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