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Since 1910 Vaccar have been designing and developing milking equipment with one basic philosophy, fast reliable milking can only be achieved by placing the comfort of the cow above all factors.

Today we offer a full range of parlour types:

  • Herringbone systems with Direct to line or recorder jar milking
  • Tandem
  • Rotary
  • Abreast

These, in turn, are offered in various configurations to enable the dairy farmer to choose a system that will suit both management style and financial considerations.

A combination of good practical designs integrated with partners specialist equipment in specific areas we can offer products such as:

  • Milk meters with full computer herd management option
  • Automatic cluster removal
  • Large range of feeding options
  • Automated sorting gates

We can supply milking plants to suit every need from the simplest starter units to complete automated turn key projects.

The basic Vaccar parlour will always feature:

  • Strong box section stalling with manual or power gate options
  • Electronic pulsation
  • High quality stainless steel milk and wash lines
  • High capacity milk receiver sets with pump management
  • High capacity clusters
  • Full planning service

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